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A core tenet of the Thirty-One Twenty-One Home strategy is to be a reliable partner who flows product. Our merchandising approach goes beyond the average suite of goods but is mindful of excessive sku counts that come with a typical “whole home” approach to introductions.

Not only are “collections” hard to keep in balance, but they are also hard to buy and display. Focusing on great “rooms” of product is a win-win. Available inventory will be housed in the Magnussen Home US warehouse. 

While we recognize that in today’s market landscape, inventory availability is paramount, the long-term adage “product is king” still applies. Our product team leverages decades of experience in studying trends, analyzing successes and failures, and flexing creative muscles to offer product that is on-trend, relatable and attainable to the consumer.

Thirty-One Twenty-One Home is a supplier first and foremost. Our role in the pursuit of consumer’s discretionary income is to bring product that sells to those who effectively market, sell, and deliver goods and services to consumer’s homes. Thirty-One Twenty-One plans to take a highly selective approach to distribution, favoring trusted relationships with market leaders over a more open sales strategy. We believe that by striving to forge long term partnerships with our customers, we can ensure reliable service and mutual profitability. 

Our design and development process pays close attention to product attributes that truly matter while offering viable quality specifications on each piece of furniture we produce. Manufacturing of Thirty-One Twenty-One product is supported by the veteran Magnussen Home sourcing and operations team. This, coupled with a business model unburdened by significant overhead, will deliver a distinct value proposition to our customers.

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always on trend                                    never trendy

FALL 2022

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